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Container Shipping
Company "ADG" renders services in the organization of international road transport of containers, oversized and other types of cargo. Our company is engaged in transport of marine and rail containers of all types, general, precast, and oversized and heavy cargo. We deliver goods by road from Europe.
In order to avoid unnecessary costs and delays better to turn to professionals in the field of certification. Our experts will advise you on all matters, will choose the best way to obtain the necessary documents, and most importantly fill all applications and other forms.
St. Petersburg is a major transportation hub and a transit center in the North-West of Russia, largely due to its favorable geographical position. A large number of goods pass through this transportation center, as it is located in close proximity to the European Union and is one of the largest Russian ports.
A search manufacturer is the task for specialist logistics department. Our company is engaged in a thorough search of manufacturers.
The company "ADG" handle container shipping, both marine and road transport.

Container Shipping

In our time it is impossible not to recognize that container transportation is one of the most convenient and versatile types of delivery. Thanks containerization reduced loading on the ship and on the car. In addition, it increases the safety of delivered goods.

The company "ADG" handle container shipping, both marine and road transport.

Car Container Shipping

This type of traffic is the most profitable because they do not require additional freight operations as in the case of maritime transport.

Geography companies is extensive, so we realize how transportation of Russian and international container transport, involving the largest companies-carriers.

Container shipping

Container shipping is the safest and most economical way to deliver cargo anywhere in the world. We deliver cargoes from Europe, Asia, North America, as well as from India. With many years of experience in the container shipping market, we can guarantee the safety and efficiency of delivery of your cargo. We will provide you with all the necessary information and will provide the ability to track cargo anywhere on the carriage.